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Return Customer in Mars, PA provided exceptional service again!

Return Customer in Mars, PA provided exceptional service again!

I received a call from a customer in Mars, PA, who three weeks prior, wanted his concrete patio and walkway cleaned because they had just bought the home the year before. The customer indicated that they were unsure how clean it would get since the prior homeowner advised they never had it professionally cleaned. While at the home, I noticed that the siding could be cleaned as well, after discussing the process and care I take when cleaning siding, the customer agreed to have the house washed as well, but at a later date. Before starting the customer stated that he believed the siding was vinyl siding, upon closer inspection I determined that the siding was actually painted aluminum siding, which meant a different process would be needed to ensure the paint would not peel or become discolored.

I started the house washing utilizing the Soft Washing process, by cooling the aluminum siding down with water, the paint would not flash dry the cleaning solution onto the siding, which could lead to the paint peeling or fading. While cooling the surface at the same time, I was performing property protection by pre-rinsing flowers, plants, and the lawn to ensure it was all protected. Once the aluminum surface was cooled, I applied a mild cleaning solution to the green/black organic growth and allowed it to react over a period of 5-10 minutes. After the solution dwelled long enough, what organic growth that did not evaporate was lightly rinsed away.

Once the home is cleaned further, I performed property protection of the flowers, plants, and lawn again. Any furniture that was moved away from the home, such as lawn ornaments, patio furniture or potted flowers were placed back into their original position.

Location: Mars, PA

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Products Used

    Southeast Softwash, Austin's pool shock

Client Review

Tom with Fusion Power Wash did an excellent job on our sidewalks and patio. Looks brand new. Very professional and honest. Explained exactly what he was going to do upfront so we did not have any surprises. Will definitely use again for our power washing needs.

- Owen M

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