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Top Quality Deck Cleaning (railing) provided in Gibsonia, PA.

Top Quality Deck Cleaning railing provided in Gibsonia, PA.

This homeowner in Gibsonia, PA wanted a Deck Cleaning performed, however she only wanted the railing to the deck cleaned and not the deck itself. She stated that she was capable of cleaning the deck herself, however, the railing she was unable to do because she did not want to use a ladder to clean the side of the deck that overhung a hill in her yard.

I started the process by moving all the deck furniture away from the railing for better access to the deck side of the railing. I then performed property protection by pre-rinsing the entire surface of the deck and grass under and around the deck to ensure that the cleaning solution would be diluted even further when it touched the wet surfaces. I then applied a mild cleaning solution to the railing and spindles and let it dwell for 5-10 minutes. During the 5-10 minutes of dwell time, each railing and spindle was scrubbed with a special brush to ensure all the organic growth was disturbed enough to be removed when rinsed. All surfaces where then rinsed with a Soft Wash machine which further protects the railing and surrounding property.

Location: Gibsonia, PA

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Products Used

    Softeast Soft Wash, Austins Pool Shock

Client Review

Tom was VERY NICE, right on time , great at communicating & couldn’t beat his PRICE!!!! Great work by a nice guy & a veteran to boot !! HIGHLY RECOMMEND!!!

- Mischele D

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