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Top Quality Fusion Power Wash Cleaning in Mars, PA

Top Quality Fusion Power Wash Cleaning in Mars, PA

I received a call from a homeowner in Seven Fields/Mars, that wanted the rear of her townhome soft washed. She explained that she normally does it herself, but she did not have time and did not want to clean the home from a ladder anymore for safely concerns. I explained that pressure was not needed to clean the home and that it should never be cleaned from a ladder. After discussing the soft wash process, she requested a quote. I explained that the quote was free and that I could do it remotely so that she did not need to be inconvenienced.

I arrived at the home and did a pre-inspection walk around of the property to document and pre-existing damage that was present to bring to the homeowner's attention that she may not have been aware of. While conducting the pre-inspection walk around, I was also determining the best plan of action for cleaning the home of the organic growth in the most efficient and safe way possible. Due to the time of day and direction sunlight on the siding, the home was pre-rinsed with water to cool the surface to protect the home. The next step was to apply a soft wash solution to kill the organic growth without applying direct pressure. Most of the growth was removed after the soft wash solution was applied, the remaining growth was removed when the home was rinsed. With no remaining organic growth on the siding, Fusion Power Wash was able to provide safe, quick and visually satisfying results.

Budget: $250

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Products Used

    Southeast Softwash, Quote IQ, Austins Poll Tech shock

Client Review

"Unbelievable final result. Polite and professional"

- Jill Z

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